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Leadership - my life as a MAT CEO

November 28, 2022, 11:48 GMT+1
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  • A one-day diary from alarm to lights out
Leadership - my life as a MAT CEO

Waking up

My alarm is set for 5am. I start every day with a 5K run on the treadmill to get my heart pumping and brain ticking. It sets me up for a productive day ahead! I take my two labradors, Freddy and Jaffa, for a walk.

My morning

I make the best use of my commute time making calls and returning messages en route to the office. Once through the door I’ll grab a quick coffee and check in with my SLT and school business manager, and perhaps conduct some lesson observations.


I have an open-door policy, so like to keep lunch times free when I’m office based for anyone who wants to pop in. I’ll snack on fruit throughout the day; sushi or salad is usually my go-to lunch!

My afternoon

Unless attending meetings, I’ll use this time to review, reflect and evaluate aspects of the school and trust performance. It’s important that I don’t lose touch with children, so I’ll make time where possible to visit our EYFS setting and Forest school.

My evening

After cooking a family dinner, I often read useful books, articles or newsletters that inform and shape my strategic thinking. As an Ofsted Inspector and National Leader of Education I sometimes complete any online training or catch up on webinars.


Unless I’m prepping for something important the following day, I like to get to bed early, to ensure that when my alarm sounds at 5am I’m fully recharged and ready to do it all over again! As I wind down, I may listen to podcasts or meditate.

Quickfire questions…

Career plan B?

As an English Literature undergraduate, I considered a career in the arts, perhaps in the United States. I spent some time there as a student and I really enjoyed it


Depends on my mood – I listen to high energy disco or dance music when running, but when I need something relaxing, Clannad.


Leadership: Lessons From My Life in Rugby by England coach Eddie Jones. Lots of great inspirational stuff in Eddie’s book about getting the best out of a team.

Louise Smith is CEO of Warrington Primary Academy Trust