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How To Buy An Interactive Whiteboard – A Guide On IWBs For School Leaders And SBMs

August 17, 2017, 16:54 GMT+1
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  • As the interactive whiteboards in your school approach the end of their working lives, what factors should you consider when replacing them?
  • YPO’s category buyer for ICT, Amy Shelley offers an overview of what schools should bear in mind...
How To Buy An Interactive Whiteboard – A Guide On IWBs For School Leaders And SBMs


IWBs and projectors have been around for some time, so what sort of specification and performance do the latest interactive flatpanels offer? Newer flatpanels tend to carry lower maintenance costs compared to older models, and offer marked differences in image and sound quality. Traditional IWBs use projectors to display images, which means factoring in the costs involved with replacing bulbs that can last anywhere between 2000 to 8000 hours. Even if you opt for lamp-free projectors you can expect lifespans of up to 15,000 hours. Interactive flatpanels employ LED screens, which means no lamps, and typically have an estimated working life of 50,000 hours, with no loss of brightness. Moreover, all projectors require cleaning, whereas flatpanels only need a light dusting of the screen. The flatpanels offered by YPO start at full HD resolution, going up to 4K, and most feature integrated speakers, making it easy to display visuals alongside audio.


Should you replace each unit as and when you need to, or replace the IWBs in every classroom all at once? The need to replace one or two due to technical issues might be unavoidablle, but if your budget allows for it, keep in mind that you’ll almost always receive a more competitive offering by aggregating your demand for such equipment. Manufacturers will be more inclined to offer price reductions or other added value options for large orders. Combining the costs of delivery and installation will further reduce the overall price you can expect to pay, so as much as possible, weigh up the benefits to be had from fitting out your school’s entire complement of IWBs all at once. If you require any help or advice regarding your IWB requirements (or indeed any other Audiovisual needs you might have), don’t hesitate to email YPO at


All public sector procurement exceeding the EU tendering threshold (£164,176, according to The European Public Contracts Directive 2014/24/EU) requires a full tendering process. The spend on this type of equipment within school may not hit that threshold, but there should still be due diligence done to ensure that best value has been achieved and that the route to market is fully compliant. This will usually take the form of a three-quote process, but purchasing from a public sector buying organisation such as YPO will remove that requirement, since our frameworks are already fully compliant with all public sector procurement regulations. We can also ensure you receive best value by conducting further competitions through our frameworks with all suppliers who have previously been successfully awarded. That means that we can manage the entire process for you, from quotation right through to site survey and installation.