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HUE HD Pro Visualiser and Document Camera

June 25, 2021, 10:44 GMT+1
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  • A multi-tasking gooseneck camera that’s easy to use and very functional...
HUE HD Pro Visualiser and Document Camera

At a glance

  • A lightweight, portable, Full HD (1080p) USB document camera and visualiser with wide-angle lens
  • Plug and play straight out of the box for instant use
  • Built-in touch-sensitive LED lights for crystal clear image
  • Activity light showing video feed is live
  • Presents text, images and objects to captivate your classroom or CPD event
  • The perfect fit for an array of educational environments
  • Comes with specially-designed intuitive software

Please try not to blush but I really like HUE, I really do. In fact, I’ve always liked HUE. Having a relationship with a resource might sound a bit odd but there are some things in a classroom that are just there for you no matter what and never let you down.

The HUE HD Pro is one of those products. It gives itself unselfishly to maximising learning potential, it effortlessly promotes interaction and supports collaboration.

It works straight out of the box too, which is my kind of resource.

User diversity is what makes HUE stand out. Its inclusive design means it will adapt to any classroom content and context, so use it as a facecam/webcam or document camera.

The value of good design is everything and HUE have got it right. They have produced a fit for purpose multi-tasking camera that isn’t complicated or convoluted but easy to use, very functional and comes with a sturdy base.

This Pro version isn’t loaded with extra features that don’t add anything and it isn’t in love with itself. Instead, it understands that simplicity is powerful.

The defining feature that will have you head over heels is its flexible gooseneck arm that can twist and turn where other cameras can’t.

The length of this means you can easily view a full A4 page if need be and because it is more agile you can reach what you need to show learners without breaking your own neck as it rotates 360 degrees and can be positioned horizontally, diagonally and vertically.

You might expect a modern bit of kit like this to have automatic focus but it doesn’t. Instead it has a manual focusing ring so that images don’t go in and out of focus all the time when your hands pass in front of the lens.

The HUE HD Pro has also taken on a new role as a remote teaching companion too. It can admirably support distance learning by giving an up close and personal view of whatever you want to teach and record.

It makes sharing joyfully easy and allows you to demonstrate and support learning painlessly as if you were in class.

The fact that it is small and portable means this nimble and responsive device can give you the back-up you need for delivering high-quality learning and it works with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS, video conferencing apps and popular school apps.

HUE have also produced handy guides to support navigation and use.

For back in the classroom use, the ability to record lessons is a wonderful option because they can then be shared with any pupils who might be absent from school, for whatever reason, and also for accessing at any time for revision purposes.

The software that comes with this versatile visualiser is called HUE Intuition, the latest version, and its single-user licence allows installation on multiple devices.

I’m head over heels for HUE. This is an approved teaching resource that is visual, tactile, exciting and an all-round lifesaver.


  • A lightweight, portable, Full HD (1080p) USB document camera and visualiser with wide-angle lens
  • Highly inclusive, accessible and a cross-curricular support extraordinaire
  • An outstanding user experience
  • Contemporary, stylish design with top-quality images and sound
  • A hands-on and minds-on tool full of pedagogical and practical prowess

Upgrade if…

You are looking for an engaging, classy and inexpensive visualiser to transform your teaching, learning and assessment.

The HUE HD Pro Visualiser and Document Camera comes in black, green, red or blue and is priced at £49.95 ex VAT. For further information visit

Review by John Dabell

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