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How you can achieve curriculum sequencing using the Maestro platform

June 25, 2021, 9:29 GMT+1
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  • Simon Hickton, Director at Cornerstones Education, discusses why curriculum sequencing is now essential...
How you can achieve curriculum sequencing using the Maestro platform

30 second briefing

Curriculum Maestro is an online platform that helps you to implement and lead an outstanding primary curriculum. It includes the new Cornerstones Curriculum 2022 model, a fully sequenced, adaptable curriculum from Nursery to Year 6.

What is Curriculum Maestro?

Maestro is an online platform that we’ve designed for primary schools. It includes a sequenced curriculum progression model that you can adopt and adapt, to ensure that your curriculum offer becomes a guarantee.

Simply log on to the platform to access your curriculum, lessons, resources, assessment and monitoring tools. You’ll have everything you need for an outstanding, sequenced curriculum, plus ongoing support from our team.

How can Maestro help us with sequencing?

Curriculum sequencing is an Ofsted priority, but it’s hard to get right. Since 2018, our experts have been developing the content for the curriculum 2022 model, so you now have carefully sequenced subject schemas that introduce and build children’s declarative and procedural knowledge over time.

The curriculum follows Maestro’s inbuilt skills and knowledge framework, so you can articulate curriculum coverage, sequencing and progression easily to inspectors, and subject leaders are well prepared for deep dives.

What support is there for subject leaders?

Maestro really comes into its own for subject leadership. The platform shows you subject coverage across the school and where subject aspects are being taught, as well as allowing teachers to monitor their subjects in real time to check children’s progress.

Crucially, you can spot where curriculum gaps are, drill down into specific aspects of each subject and identify where your colleagues need support.

Maestro makes articulating your subject schema simple.

How does it make day-to-day teaching easier?

Maestro is perfect for busy teachers. You get immediate access to your curriculum projects and can plan, edit, adapt and add lessons to suit your classes.

There’s no more scrambling for the right materials, as every project comes with carefully researched lesson resources.

Maestro allows you to assess promptly and accurately, and it keeps a record of the progress that individual children have made to inform your next steps.

What do you get with a Maestro licence, and what’s the cost?

An annual Maestro licence costs between £775 and £2,750, depending on the school’s size.

This gives staff access to the platform; the sequenced and resourced curriculum model; teaching, subject leadership and assessment tools; assembly resources; an interactive educational visit map; plus ongoing customer support.

We also offer discounts for multi-school and multi-year purchases – just give us a call to find out more.

What’s the difference?

  • The only platform offering an interconnected, sequenced and fully resourced primary curriculum model.
  • Keeps everything live, easy to articulate and monitor – perfect for Ofsted’s deep dives.

For more information head to, email and follow Cornerstones on Twitter at @Cornerstonesedu and on Facebook at @Cornerstonesedu.