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BigDug May 22

Free summer learning activities for schools

April 8, 2022, 8:07 GMT+1
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Free summer learning activities for schools
  • Education partner Whizz Education is teaming-up with PiXL (Partners in Excellence) to deliver a suite of free summer learning activities...
Free summer learning activities for schools

The activities cover multiple disciplines and focus on the topic of climate change and ‘Building for a Greener Future.’

Activities will be based around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9, 11 and 13.

They will encourage children to learn about the environments in which they live and to support the development of a sustainable world, with a focus on STEM activities during the summer term and summer break. 

Fiona Goddard, education consultant at Whizz Education, explains: “We know that Maths education is essential in developing an understanding of climate change.

“Without numbers, pupils would not understand ideals like the carbon budget or the limit of 1.5 degrees of warming at the centre of climate change debates. 

“This learning could help pupils to deploy their maths in innovative, world-changing ways.” 

“We are now inviting schools to join in with our Building for a Greener Future summer activities. Pupils could be measuring rainfall while elevating maths skills by collecting and recording how many millimetres of liquid are captured and discussing how to make the records useful, fair and impactful in the future. 

“Getting involved with Whizz Education’s collaborative summer project with PiXL might provide other inspirations for local interests too! 

“As well as teaching students to handle numbers, the summer project has the capacity to inspire, engage and empower. 

“Numerous studies have shown that climate change education has the biggest impact when students are encouraged to take responsibility for learning about issues that impact them and their communities. Join us and help make a difference!”

Whizz Education is an education partner dedicated to improving learning outcomes. For further information and to access free resources from Whizz Education and PiXL’s free summer climate project click here. Download a sample activity sheet for free here.

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