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Capita SIMS Parent – Getting Families More Engaged

November 14, 2019, 12:07 GMT+1
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  • A Capita SIMS component that can simplify the sharing of school communications and pupil data with parents
Capita SIMS Parent – Getting Families More Engaged

What is it?
A parental engagement solution designed to make parent-specific SIMS data, such as cashless payments and menu information, easier to administer.

What does it do?
The Capita SIMS Parent app includes a parent-facing website and mobile app that can be used to share payments information, updates on their child’s progress in the classroom as recorded in SIMS and involvement in extracurricular activities.

What are the Capita SIMS Parent app’s key benefits?
By presenting parents with a wider range of information concerning their children’s life at school, it can boost levels of active parental engagement. The Parent app includes its own payments solution, but can also be used in conjunction with numerous third party solutions, depending on a school’s needs and preferences.

Arguably the key benefit of the Parent app is how it can enable schools to consolidate multiple forms of parental communication – newsletters, website updates, social media feeds, emails, SMS – into one central, parent-facing interface accessed via a single login ID, thus simplifying the process and saving schools time and money.

In their own words:
Abdul Ghafoor, Head of Parent and Student Engagement teams “SIMS is built around the needs of schools. The Parent app can remove those security worries by avoiding the need to integrate with third party solutions and instead present schools with a streamlined set of SIMS data that they can access in just a couple of clicks. This reduces the time needed to get parental information out, while simultaneously encouraging parents to become more involved by sharing with them a daily update on what’s happening with their child, based on the reporting information teachers are already storing within SIMS.”

Further information:
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