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5 reasons to try…NAHT Discovery Education Pathway

September 3, 2021, 10:58 GMT+1
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5 reasons to try…NAHT Discovery Education Pathway
  • Empower your staff to examine what motivates and demotivates them...
5 reasons to try…NAHT Discovery Education Pathway

1 | Bring direction and purpose to appraisals

Pathway offers a range of self-management tools that enable each individual to audit their skills, manage their health and wellbeing, create a motivation plan and set their career ambitions for the years ahead.

These self-direction tools bring more meaning and purpose to performance management reviews and appraisals, helping leaders provide targeted support and direction for every teacher in their school.

Once teachers have ‘set their professional compass’, Pathway offers a suite of CPD courses to help them reach their professional goals, making appraisals more targeted and more impactful over time.

2 | Build a professional dialogue among colleagues

Pathway offers individual logins and multiple courses for teachers. This means that several colleagues can choose to work through the same course whilst recording and saving their own individual answers to the questions for reflection built into every unit within each course.

When colleagues work on parallel Pathway courses, they are able to share their thoughts and reflections in regular discussions – operating just like a book club! Pathway provides both the context and the script for a meaningful, professional dialogue in your staff room.

3 | Invest in your staff – as individuals

The craft of teaching requires all of you, so it seems only right that all of you are supported in the job – not just your professional skills but your personal development too.

Pathway includes courses on:

  • managing your motivation
  • understanding wellbeing and critical reflection
  • building professional resilience
  • time management and self-organisation; and many more

Professional skills are blended with self-directed activities and projects designed to develop self-awareness and self-regulation. We hope the message of Pathway is clear to educators: self-care is not a self-indulgence!

4 | Complete at a time and pace to suit you

Pathway is comprised of multiple courses and services, all accessed online and bookmarked so that you can return to them whenever you like.

Being online, means that each teacher can progress through each Pathway course at a time and pace to suit them – without the need to arrange cover for the day and drive up the motorway to an in-person course!

‘Little and often’ is our advice: educators are busy people, so we have divided each course into bitesize chunks, including short films, reading pieces and coaching questions. These all combine to build an ongoing journal of professional reflections. 

5 | Develop reflective practice across your team

We think it is not just what you know in teaching that counts, it is what you can do with what you know, and that is inextricably linked to how you feel.

So throughout all of our Pathway courses we offer ‘questions for reflection’. These do not demand right or wrong answers and you will not be scored on your efforts!

Rather, they invite you to consider what you have seen and heard in each Pathway course and to write down what you think and how you feel about it. Our model is a coaching one, designed to help you develop your teaching and increase your self-efficacy through constant reflective practice.

30 second briefing

NAHT Discovery Education Pathway is an online programme of professional and personal development for educators today.

Comprised of multiple courses and self-investment tools, Pathway supports the ‘whole teacher’, blending premium CPD courses with services aimed at supporting wellbeing, motivation and career ambition. Pathway helps educators build an ongoing professional learning journal.

  • Empower your staff to examine what motivates and demotivates them. Help them to create their own Motivation Plan so they can stay energised at school.
  • Ensure your CPD in school is targeted and tailored to meet the individual needs and ambitions of your staff, using our skills audits and career mapping tools.
  • Invest in your staff’s wellbeing, with courses on the nature of critical reflection and how to traverse the emotional landscape.
  • Access Pathway online with individual logins and bookmarks so that your teachers can return to any course wherever and whenever it suits them.

For more information, call 0800 652 7527 or visit

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