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BigDug May 22
BigDug May 22

4 reasons to try… Big Maths Days

January 21, 2022, 12:40 GMT+1
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4 reasons to try… Big Maths Days
  • Exciting maths activity enrichment days for up to 300 secondary school students!
4 reasons to try… Big Maths Days

1 | Raise the profile of maths

Big Maths Days are a fantastic way of generating a real ‘maths buzz’ around the school, while actively signalling to students, teachers and parents alike the importance your school attaches to the subject. Because maths really matters!

2 | Real-world maths

By experiencing a number of different workshops via a carousel, each focusing on a different facet of maths, your students will come to better appreciate the relevance of maths to their everyday lives. Because maths really does count!

3 | Enrichment potential

A Big Maths Day will enrich your school in many ways – from the mathematical experiences students (and teachers) will encounter, to the value of working creatively, to the ideas it will prompt amongst your maths specialists. Because maths makes life better!

4 | Increased engagement

To maximise engagement, each Big Maths Day workshop has its own focus, delivery methodology, structure, grouping strategy and ‘feel’. Participants get to choose between ‘The Trading Game’, ‘CSI: Michaela Maths’, ‘The Bunker’, ‘The Priorities Game’ and ‘Selling Maths’!

At a glance

  • Tried and tested activities – As Creatives has worked directly with more than a million pupils!
  • Unashamedly fun – because everyone learns more effectively when they’re enjoying themselves!
  • Able to accommodate up to 300 students in just a single day!

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