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May 21 BigDug

The benefits of cleaning with hypochlorous acid fogging

March 5, 2021, 18:24 GMT+1
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  • Tony Foote, director of Clear Fog, explains why they believe it will become the norm...
The benefits of cleaning with hypochlorous acid fogging

30-second briefing

Clear Fog provides hypochlorous acid and fogging machines to schools, colleges, day centres and businesses as a potent yet totally natural weapon in the fight against covid-19 and viruses generally. This combination not only sanitises, it protects cleaning staff and significantly reduces cleaning time.

What is hypochlorous acid?
Hypochlorous acid may sound a little ominous. It is produced in our white blood cells to fight infection and promote healing. We recreate it by electrolysing a light saline solution.

It is benign to humans, a non-irritant to eyes, lungs and skin yet it’s lethal to coronavirus.

It is in use across the world but in the UK we are only recently realising its potency in the fight against Covid-19.

How effective is fogging?
One of the battles in the fight against Covid-19 is time – cleaning of toilets etc is currently a continuous cycle in schools. By using a fogging machine, you can safely sanitise a six-cubicle toilet inside of two minutes at far less risk to cleaning staff.

The fogging device is very powerful and creates a rolling fog which settles on all surfaces, under desks, chairs and toilet seats sanitising areas that are sometimes missed.

Sounds expensive
At £500 per fogger, it can seem expensive at first glance. All but one school that has purchased a fogger have bought a second machine within two weeks. That’s how long it takes to realise the time savings fogging creates compared to traditional methods.

All of our school clients recognise fogging with hypochlorous acid as the leading element in their fight against Covid-19. The liquid itself costs £9.95 for five litres which gives 90 minutes of fogging.

As our clients realise – that’s a lot of fogging.

Apart from Covid-19 what else can foggers battle?
Hypochlorous acid is also lethal to e-coli, norovirus and 99.9999 per cent of viruses. I think it’s fair to say that all of our clients are looking to continue fogging post Covid-19, as part of their cleaning regime.

There seems to be an understanding that we will have pockets of variants for many years to come. Hypochlorous acid can and should be a potent weapon going forwards.

What else can hypochlorous acid be used for?
It was used as far back as the first world war to clean wounds. It is used in ophthalmic surgery, to clean implants, and is widely used in dentistry, where the danger of airborne particulates has been acknowledged for years. It is also used as a mouth rinse.

It is used globally to clean soft fruits and vegetables and to prolong the life of cut flowers. Nature has given us a powerful tool to fight Covid with and we believe it will become the norm.

What’s the difference?

  • Fogging with hypochlorous acid sanitises a 6 cubicle toilet in under 2 minutes
  • Most of our customers see a return on investment within 2 weeks
  • In these uncertain times, fogging is creating confidence in staff and service users

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