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IRIS Ed:gen Management Information Systems

August 27, 2021, 16:08 GMT+1
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IRIS Ed:gen Management Information Systems
  • Streamline school processes and reduce administration...
IRIS Ed:gen Management Information Systems

At a glance

  • Next-generation Management Information System (MIS) with game-changing functionality
  • Versatile platform for empowering school processes, reducing risk and improving culture
  • Streamlined navigation, greater data, and a state-of-the-art all-in-one system
  • Modernises communication between all stakeholders
  • At your fingertips insights about what is going on in your school with real-time information

Simplifying systems, processes and administration is crucial for a complex organisation like a school because it breeds efficiency and makes running your operation slick and professional.

To do that you need a tried, tested and trusted provider of software and services that provide intelligent solutions for harnessing real-time data. Step forward IRIS Ed:gen.

IRIS allows all users in the school ecosystem to establish reliable communication and collaboration channels using an advanced tool called IRIS Ed:gen.

This all-in-one cloud-based MIS improves data visibility and centralises all the professional services needed for the overall operation of your school.

Getting live data means that you are able to see what needs doing fast and so intelligently intervene and make positive changes. It powers an improved school management experience because you see real-time data for registrations, absences and detentions.

You can focus on staff wellbeing and performance, improve pupil behaviour through automated workflows and ‘star spot’ by identifying potential high-fliers.

IRIS Ed:gen also leads to better school safeguarding because the accurate and up-to-date information you get means you can take action early-doors.

Engagement and communication across the school community is key and IRIS Ed:gen makes that effortless so you can be sure that no one is left out of the loop and school and home can work in unison to improve pupil outcomes.

A MIS has to be modern, intuitive, easy-to-navigate and work at a pace which pretty much describes IRIS Ed:gen.

It has a single seamless user interface that is clean and fresh with brilliant navigation giving you confidence and control over school tasks. They are a breeze to use
because they are so familiar and look like the tech we use in our daily lives.

For example, for teachers there are user-friendly apps to support management and delivery of day-to-day tasks such as internal messages, planners and registrations.

Powerful reporting tools help visualise and improve results and feature voice-to-text dictation. As every school is unique, one-size-fits-all is not something that applies to school administration which is why you need to invest in a forward-thinking MIS that can adapt to your institution’s needs.

IRIS Ed:gen recognises this and its flexible and versatile software can support multiple layers of personalisation because you select the apps and modules that you need which improves your focus and intent.

If you are still using a fragmented IT infrastructure or your ageing EdTech is no longer fit for purpose then IRIS Ed:gen can remove all the heartache and headaches by
having everything in one place, not all over the place.

IRIS Ed:gen is a secure, configurable, and centralised data information management system with a very impressive suite of apps for the whole school community providing you with a truly holistic view and full control of all administrative, academic, admissions, finance and wellbeing information.

With clear, transparent and competitive pricing, IRIS Ed:gen is best in breed for a joined-up school and something really rather special.


  • Streamlines school processes and reduces administration
  • Significantly enhances your operational efficiency and communication
  • Make better and more finely-tuned decisions
  • Optimises engagement and promotes social inclusivity
  • Greater insight, consistency and control
  • Save precious time and money and enhance your professional image

Upgrade if…

You want an ergonomic MIS you can build and shape to meet your needs and keep things running smoothly so you can get on with the business of providing outstanding education.

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Reviewed by John Dabell