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Whizz Education invites applications for free Maths-Whizz pilot to identify knowledge gaps and develop maths fluency

November 5, 2021, 10:10 GMT+1
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Whizz Education invites applications for free Maths-Whizz pilot to identify knowledge gaps and develop maths fluency
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Whizz Education invites applications for free Maths-Whizz pilot to identify knowledge gaps and develop maths fluency

Whizz Education is inviting applications from primary schools to participate in a free whole-school implementation of its award-winning virtual tutor Maths-Whizz plus supporting teacher training and resources for eight weeks, to help schools identify knowledge gaps and support children to catch up on lost learning.

“We know that in a typical year when students switch off over the summer, they tend to lose around two-three months’ worth of maths knowledge, known as summer learning loss,” says Emma Ringe, schools director at Whizz Education.

“Despite the heroic efforts of teachers, continued interruption to education due to the pandemic, plus the summer break, means many children are struggling with maths.

“The first step to address this challenge is to identify knowledge gaps.  We are now inviting schools to apply for a free trial of our support package and resources of our virtual tutor Math-Whizz to help children get back on track.

“The offer includes an initial assessment so both teachers and parents can easily evaluate where individual children are concerning their maths knowledge and plan the best approach to help them move forwards.

“Implementation of our award-winning, virtual tutor Maths-Whizz, which can be accessed online from any device both at school and at home, then mimics the best aspects of a human tutor, providing each child with a personalised learning pathway that adapts to their ability and pace of learning.

“Tailored lessons are interactive, engaging and have been designed over many years to improve fluency across the maths curriculum. 

“Included in the pilot is access to over 1,200+ lessons, supporting resources and materials to complement classroom teaching, in addition, teacher training delivered by our team of experienced educators enabling staff to achieve a differentiated and more creative approach to mathematics which does not add to their workload.

“Live progress data also helps teachers focus on creative lesson planning, addressing identified needs while insight reports provide detailed analysis of progress to demonstrate tangible results.”

1.5 million children around the world have now benefited from using the Maths-Whizz virtual tutor.

Research conducted with over 12,000 students and verified by independent experts, demonstrates that children who learn with Maths-Whizz Tutor for 45-60 minutes a week increase their Maths Age by an average of 18 months in their first year.

“As a company, Whizz Education is committed to improving learning outcomes,” Ringe continues.

“We believe that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning and so we are now offering the chance for a limited number of schools to access our full range of services and our Maths-Whizz virtual tutor for a trial period.

“This will help teachers identify which skills need to be supported and to demonstrate how the solution can assist children in mixed ability settings to address lost knowledge and make accelerated learning gains.”

For further information and to apply for a whole school implementation free trial of Maths-Whizz please see: