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ScholarPack – A MIS Just for Primary Schools

November 14, 2019, 12:40 GMT+1
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  • If you're a primary leader who's ever struggled with getting a MIS to do what you need it to, here's one designed with you in mind...
ScholarPack – A MIS Just for Primary Schools

What is it?
An easy to use management information system specifically designed for primary schools, which aims to present a complete picture of every pupil via a range of different devices.

What does it do?
One of ScholarPack’s key claims is that its MIS can turn pupil data into actionable reports within just three clicks. The system adopts a streamlined approach to standard MIS applications, such as the managing of staff and pupil information, behaviour reports and attendance figures, alongside a number of useful administrative tools, including a module that can help compile Schools Census data in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

It also supports integration of third party specialist packages for areas such as child protection and visitor entry.

Why should a school switch from their existing MIS provider to ScholarPack?
The company seeks to make migration to its system as seamless as possible. At the this year’s Schools & Academies Show, ScholarPack launched what it calls its ‘Migration Promise’ – an assurance to users of other systems that they can move their data across to ScholarPack and begin using the system within one day; should the process take longer, their first year’s use of the system will be free of charge.

What makes it different?
ScholarPack’s exclusive focus on the primary phase means that the type of reporting which might require schools to build custom documentation in other systems is ready for use out of the box. The design and layout of the system is based around shaving time from primary-specific attendance procedures, inputting of assessment data and other daily tasks, based on feedback from KS1 and K2 staff across the country.

Recognising the fact that primary schools often lack the resources for in-house data and IT managers, the interface is laid out in an intuitive way that’s easy for staff to get acquainted with, to the extent that another of the company’s promises is that staff can be trained on its use within a single day.

What level of ongoing support can users expect?
The company operates a helpdesk facility that’s accessible via phone, email or an instant messaging function within ScholarPack itself. The company has also trained 15 LA support teams, so that frontline assistance can be delivered to a number of schools through their local support desks.

Further information:
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