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“Polluted air affects pupil performance”

April 8, 2022, 8:56 GMT+1
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“Polluted air affects pupil performance”
  • Edward Ballsdon explains how air purification can enhance safety, improve outcomes and save money
“Polluted air affects pupil performance”

Rensair is a specialist in air purification. Its patented technology was developed to meet the strict standards of Scandinavian hospitals and is independently validated by scientific research laboratories.

Rensair meets UK SAGE committee and World Health Organization standards for clean air.

Here, Edward Ballsdon, co-founder and MD of Rensair, explains how air purification can enhance safety, improve outcomes and save money.

How can schools help mitigate the risk of Covid?

Research shows that Covid is an airborne transmitted disease, with more serious illness resulting from the inhalation of small infected aerosols that penetrate deep into the lungs.

The solution is to ensure that there is no build-up of infected aerosol particles in poorly ventilated spaces, by either ventilating a room or, failing that, by cleaning the air through effective purification.

Does the government offer any guidance on ventilation?

The Department of Health & Social Care references the WHO’s recommended air change rate of ten litres per second per person.

The UK SAGE Committee advocates portable air purifiers to bridge the gap where ventilation is poor, but that advice has not been widely broadcast.

Instead, the government has focused on opening windows (impractical in winter) and installing CO2 sensors, which warn when there is inadequate indoor air quality but offer no solution.

What should schools look for in an air purifier?

The UK SAGE committee recommends HEPA filtration and UVC light to capture and inactivate pathogens, backed by evidence of independent tests.

It warns that technologies using chemical reaction are unproven and could have harmful side effects.

Air purifiers must be heavy duty, with a powered fan system to enable air cleaning throughout an entire space.

Residential air purifiers will not serve as a substitute for a hospital grade device containing a powerful fan.

Is air purification more economical than ventilation?

A batch of portable air purifiers is a fraction of the cost of an integrated HVAC system and can be put to work immediately, with no disruption.

Air purification units consume about the same power as a fridge freezer, costing just a few pence per day.

Further substantial savings can be made on energy (and associated carbon emissions) from not having to heat or cool fresh air intake.

Beyond the pandemic, does clean air have other benefits?

A recent Harvard study points to a direct relationship between the amount of fine particulate matter in the air and how people perform in mental tests. The more polluted the air, the worse people perform.

Another piece of research by Philips Foundation and the University of Manchester showed that, by sustaining 20% lower air pollution levels in the classroom, the development of a child’s working memory can improve by 6%.

Key points

  • Traps and destroys 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and other particulate matter.
  • Powerful fan capable of cleaning 560 cubic metres of air per hour at 360 degrees.
  • Low maintenance, requiring a filter and bulb change every 9,000 hours (one year).

To find out more call 020 3973 8927, email or visit

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