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February 28, 2020, 15:02 GMT+1
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  • An online tool designed to lighten the administrative burden of running before and after-school clubs...
Kids Club HQ

At a glance

  • An extremely efficient cloud-based club management system
  • Streamlines and automates your daily admin tasks, bookings and customer records
  • Enables parents to book and pay online
  • Can automate billing, facilitate payments and chase up unpaid invoices
  • Highly configurable, with no setup or licence fees
  • All data stored securely and GDPR-compliant

If you run any after-school or holiday clubs, you’ll know that the admin side of things can be a nightmare. Managing and coordinating bookings, registers, invoices and chasing payments can soon get complicated and gobble up time, especially if you don’t have a decent bookings system in place.

Kids Club HQ offers a slick and powerful administration system specifically designed for school clubs that can handle all your club booking, invoicing and communication needs. It has the potential to revolutionise your admin processes, putting all the functionality you need at your fingertips.

Its pages are intelligently laid out and accompanied by various filters and viewing options for seeing what’s what and who’s who.

You can easily display bookings made and narrow the list down according to date and type of club, with emergency contact details, medical info, consents and special instructions all just a click away.

Kids Club HQ can be used to create bespoke online registration forms for collecting pupil and parent data; inform parents of upcoming dates; handle online bookings and payments; reconcile cash and childcare voucher payments; collate registers, generate reports, and much more besides.

The system is set up in a way that lets you use contract bookings, flexible ad-hoc bookings or both, with system-stored registers automatically updated whenever a booking is made.

Those registers then can be printed out, or you can ask parents to sign their children in and out using a club tablet or computer.

Parents get to benefit from a simple online booking process which does away with repeated form filling and assorted rigmarole. Once registered with an account, they can update their details with important information as and when, thus keeping you in the loop.

Kids Club HQ stands out from the rest of the pack for its superior functionality, while still remaining user-friendly. It’s robust, reliable and puts you in complete control – to the extent that it makes Excel-assisted club admin look decidedly primitive by comparison.

All told, this is a hugely impressive, yet affordable tool for rationalising and managing the various tasks involved in organising school clubs and wraparound care provision.

Kids Club HQ is perfect for anyone keen to stay on top of their club admin and exceed parental expectations when it comes to booking places online.

See for yourself by requesting a demo – chance are you’ll find it to be quite the life-saver…


  • Makes school club management and admin a breeze
  • Suitable for different club types (breakfast, sport, extracurricular, etc)
  • Easy to use and navigate – no training needed
  • Can save schools and parents considerable time
  • Excellent value for money

Upgrade if…

You’re looking for an intuitive and flexible pre- or after-school club management system that can streamline your administration and professionalise your extra-curricular provision. Kids Club HQ is a class act. Prices start at £49 + VAT per month.

To learn more, visit or follow @KidsClubHQ.

Reviewed by John Dabell

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