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Future proof your school’s network with next-generation wifi, switching and security

April 29, 2022, 11:51 GMT+1
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Future proof your school’s network with next-generation wifi, switching and security
  • How to replace your school’s outdated, legacy equipment with a modern cloud-networking solution
Future proof your school’s network with next-generation wifi, switching and security

Replacing your school’s outdated, legacy equipment with a modern cloud-networking solution that’s scalable and supports digital transformation is an important requirement for schools today.

Smart, secure networks provide the bandwidth and capacity to support all your ICT needs and protect your students and staff whilst they connect remotely.

At Redway Networks we can support all your network needs and we have the education-sector experience and ‘best of breed’ products and methodologies to future-proof your network.

Wifi surveys

A wifi survey is a vital part of planning and designing your new wireless network and can mean the difference between an average or outstanding performance.

We specialise in Ekahau, the leading technology for enterprise wireless design, and will guide you through the complete design process so you have an affordable, resilient solution that will support your school’s future network capacity.

  • Professional onsite surveys
  • Predictive surveys
  • New wireless design surveys
  • Fault finding and remedial works
  • Pre- and post-deployment surveys

Wifi 6 solutions

Our WiFi 6 solutions offer faster speeds for enhanced access to learning applications and more density for classroom environments.

We only partner with the leading wireless technology vendors that are fit for purpose so your school will benefit from seamless connectivity, more reliability, superior security and faster wifi speeds for supporting immersive learning.

  • Consistent data throughput in dense classroom environments
  • Wider coverage range
  • Increased reliability and reduced disconnections
  • Additional frequency spectrum for future educational technology and IoT
  • Power savings for wireless devices

Network audits

School networks are constantly growing but often without the adequate time to carefully plan how these changes impact students and staff, IT complexity, safety and the management of your network.

This eventually leads to poorly performing networks that suffer from slow or inconsistent connectivity, cumbersome infrastructures that can’t offer agility or flexibility, increased management time, and potential security issues.

  • Inventory, configuration & analysis topology
  • Traffic light report of recommendations
  • Cyber-attack avoidance analysis
  • Fault finding and diagnosis
  • Equipment examination

Next generation switching

In today’s modern networks, switches must be highly reliable, easy to manage at scale, and compatible with the latest technologies for the foreseeable future as your school network grows.

There are many components to installing and maintaining a healthy switching network, and each requires dedicated resources.

Our cloud networking technologies drastically reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to maintain your school’s network.

  • Visibility and control over your school’s entire edge network
  • Ability to configure many stacked ports simultaneously with zero-touch provisioning
  • Identifies and classifies traffic, apps and devices across the network
  • Delivers complete network visibility and defends against threats

Cloud managed firewalls

Network security is a top priority for schools, as with devices increasing so do the threats.

Your network protection needs to adapt in line with your network to safeguard your school against cyber-attacks.

We provide a range of threat management solutions that protect your school with simple remote management.

  • Comprehensive suite of network services
  • SD-WAN and auto VPN capabilities
  • Application-based firewalling
  • Content and web filtering
  • Intrusion detection and malware protection

Systems management

Our cloud-based systems management solutions enable you to manage the deployment of all your devices and applications.

Devices will connect securely to the cloud, enabling you to locate devices, deploy software and applications, deliver content, enforce security policies and monitor all your devices through an intuitive and powerful web-based dashboard.

  • Network management from a single dashboard
  • Complete visibility and control from the top of the network to the edge
  • New updates are delivered effortlessly to the dashboard via the cloud
  • Intuitive dashboard enables IT to configure and deploy in minutes

Full installation and support services

Our certified network engineers provide the highest levels of technical product advice and go ‘above and beyond’ to deliver an exceptional service with a right first-time approach.

From the start of your project, our focus is to deliver a strong design based on accurate data and our experience in the education sector, so your school gets optimum performance from its new network.

To find out more, visit the Redway Networks website or call 01908 046400.