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Fall in love at BETT 2020

January 16, 2020, 15:43 GMT+1
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  • Are you happy in your relationship with your MIS? It doesn’t need to be this difficult.
Fall in love at BETT 2020

Are you happy in your relationship with your MIS? It doesn’t need to be this difficult. At BETT 2020, ScholarPack will be pulling out all the stops to show primary schools why you will fall in love with us.

If you work in a school, we know the last thing you’ll have time to think about day-to-day is your MIS provider. But your MIS is the heart of your school - it connects and powers everything you do. So although adding to your to do list might feel like a pain now, with an upgrade to the system running your school, life really can become so much easier.

Of course, there are limitless examples of how a shiny new MIS could overhaul how your school runs and engages with its communities, but at its core, most new systems simply have the ability to help schools to do every day tasks, better.
ScholarPack is the only MIS designed especially for primary schools, so you don’t get distracted, or have to pay for features and functions that don’t matter to your school. We’ve listened to feedback from over 1,300 primary schools just like yours, all keen to reduce workload and admin burden like you, so you can be confident our MIS will save you time and make your life easier.

Our MIS is available to use on any device, with no extra cost. Whether you’re preparing for a governor meeting, or get caught in the playground by an inquisitive parent, you can get the complete picture of each pupil at a glance - and if you need, turn it into an easy to read report in just 3 clicks.

Completing your census is also easier on ScholarPack. Our DfE compliant census reporting, pulls all of the required information out of the MIS automatically - so all you have to do is check it and send.

Liberate your team from admin to focus on what matters with ScholarPack - powering successful primary schools.

You can pre-book a personalised demo to see these time saving features in action, or stop by stand NP40 at the show to experience what being in a happy relationship with your MIS could be like.

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