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4 reasons to try… the Excellence in Safeguarding Award

September 2, 2022, 8:00 GMT+1
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4 reasons to try… the Excellence in Safeguarding Award
  • Incyte International’s audit helps ensure your school is doing everything it can to keep children safe
4 reasons to try… the Excellence in Safeguarding Award

Depth of scrutiny

This thorough audit is for any organisation responsible for children, young people, students, vulnerable adults, and for facility management companies working in schools.

It looks in depth across 24 different aspects of safeguarding, review polices and websites and tests out the impact of your work.


These awards focus on your policies, and importantly, how the application of policy impacts on those you work with.

Talking to your stakeholders, Incyte International will test out their knowledge, views about the provision and what could be better.

The team will challenge and support you, but remain fully objective.

Specialist knowledge

Incyte International’s specialist safeguarding team has significant knowledge of each of the settings they visit.

They have often been responsible for safeguarding in their own schools or have inspected safeguarding, and have a wide range of experience.

They are fully trained and regularly updated with the latest guidance and legislation.

  • Over 200 schools were audited last academic year. 70+ achieved Gold, Platinum or Platinum +.
  • Schools consistently have their practices checked out each year and appreciate the rigour.
  • The canvas framed certificates are held in high esteem and displayed in school receptions.

To find out more visit, email the team or call 07980 254118.