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How to weave the golden thread of character into your curriculum

October 21, 2022, 15:56 GMT+1
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How to weave the golden thread of character into your curriculum
  • Find out about Amazing People Schools – an award-winning online learning platform with amazing role models at its core...
How to weave the golden thread of character into your curriculum

The great Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.” A simple but brilliant statement, where both academic acumen and good character are set as equals, hand in hand, creating a truly balanced individual.

A dream outcome for every student, but with so much focus on assessment data, exams and development of the academic, schools often overlook the very basics of character education, sometimes missing it from the curriculum completely. 

Schools need not fear a trade-off between academic achievement and character. Many schools which have taken the whole-school approach to character report improved pupil attendance and performance, and an enhanced school ethos.

To create a thriving school body and ethos, the golden language of character needs to be woven throughout a school’s entire curriculum. But how?

Amazing People Schools – Inspiring the amazing people of tomorrow

Amazing People Schools (APS) is an award-winning online learning platform that has been used in over 1,000 schools globally, with character and amazing role models at its core.

Designed to make embedding character development into a whole school curriculum easy, Amazing People Schools gives educators the tools they need to create the highly sort after balance of intelligence and character in their setting. 

Carefully designed to support learning and development on a whole school basis, the APS learning platform uses the life stories of over 50 historical gamechangers to introduce character to students in a fun, interactive format.

Students are exposed to the triumphs and failures of these incredible role models through cross curricular activities designed to help cultivate their own character.

To support this learning, an Amazing People Schools subscription also includes a full range of teaching resources, PowerPoints, assemblies and planning documents to help embed the golden thread of character through any educational setting. 

Welcome to Amazing People Schools - a whole-school website designed to boost character and support wellbeing. from Amazing People Schools on Vimeo.

Fran Corcoran, managing director of Amazing People Schools, says: “Taking a character strength driven approach can benefit schools on so many different levels and certainly feels more important than ever.

“Our platform has been inspired and driven by the brilliant work of the schools we have had the privilege to work with over the years.

“We encourage all schools to try us out for free so they can see for themselves the value and support it can bring.”

Developing character is closely linked to supporting wellbeing

Character strengths also play a vital role in student wellbeing, social emotional learning, and positive personal development.  And they’ve never been more important.

Amazing People Schools supports young people, in both primary and secondary schools, to harness these innate character strengths, believe in themselves, and flourish.

Character strengths such as empathy, perseverance and gratitude greatly improve the odds that our young people will thrive, regardless of the challenges.

Strength of character is everything – we all possess amazing potential. Our Amazing People help students recognise their own strengths and understand what they are truly capable of – just like so many before them. 

Start by signing up for a free, all access trial for your school. Together we can empower the trailblazers of tomorrow!