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5 reasons to switch to… IRIS Ed:gen

May 3, 2023, 10:39 GMT+1
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5 reasons to switch to… IRIS Ed:gen
  • Smart software that will support your staff school-wide...
5 reasons to switch to… IRIS Ed:gen

IRIS Ed:gen is a game-changer in school management information systems, supporting back office staff, teachers, school senior leadership teams, and trust management to work smarter, not harder.

Designed with you, for you, IRIS Ed:gen streamlines the entire school day. Here’s how…

1 | Effective safeguarding of every pupil

IRIS Ed:gen is designed with pupil wellbeing at its heart and offers staff the tools needed to effectively safeguard every pupil from one easy-to-use system.

The system makes it quick and simple to flag concerns, with customisable categories and visibility groups to ensure appropriate access to sensitive information.

Assign actions and deadlines, upload supporting documents and run instant audits. Harness out-of-the-box reports, receive notifications of key life events that may warrant additional pupil support, spot potential issues before they arise, and make timely interventions.

And with access to live data, you can rest assured that you’re making decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

2 | Simplifying everyday tasks for teachers

IRIS Ed:gen gives teachers their time back by making everyday tasks, like taking the register or recording behaviour, quick and simple.

Forget using multiple applications to complete tasks, this smarter than average MIS empowers staff to manage all aspects of daily school life in one intuitive system that integrates seamlessly with third-party software.

And when it comes to data, IRIS Ed:gen does the heavy lifting. Simply enter data once and watch it automatically update throughout the system, saving more time and improving accuracy in the process.

3 | Powerful trust-wide and school reporting

If spending hours attempting to analyse data from multiple sources (that will most likely be out of date before you’ve finished collecting it!) sounds familiar, you’re going to LOVE IRIS Ed:gen’s powerful reporting capability.

Wave goodbye to time- and energy-draining reporting processes and say hello to instant access to smart dashboards with reporting at group, school, class, or pupil level.

Get set to consolidate real-time data from multiple MISs, finance and HR systems, as well external sources including Ofsted and IDACI, to identify trends, target interventions, and realise more effective school and trust management.

4 | Manage assessments your way and improve pupil outcomes

Does your current approach to managing assessments involve excessive admin, limited flexibility, and cloudy visibility over pupil data?

IRIS Ed:gen automates workflows to streamline processes, from recording marks right through to sharing results and reports with parents and pupils.

It gives a comprehensive overview of every pupil and is flexible enough to accommodate whichever assessment model your school uses.

5 | Cloud-based – access anytime anywhere

Cloud-based, IRIS Ed:gen enables fast, single sign-on and secure access to real-time data when you need it, wherever you need it.

What’s more, IRIS Ed:gen’s cloud credentials support increased scalability and agility, and help deliver more streamlined operations and reduced operating costs.


  • Modular design incorporating more than 40 modules as standard
  • Powerful analytics to drive informed decision-making
  • Automated processes saving hours of time
  • Enhanced data security, single sign-on and the ability to work anytime, anywhere

Watch our 20-minute product demo to find out how Ed:gen can help your school or trust.

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