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4 reasons to try…Kids Club HQ

January 10, 2020, 12:02 GMT+1
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  • Take charge of your school clubs like never before, with the aid of this powerful administrative assistant...
4 reasons to try…Kids Club HQ

1 | Easy to use

Kids Club HQ provides schools with a slick and powerful administration system specifically designed for school clubs, which can handle all your club booking, invoicing and communication needs.

It has the potential to revolutionise your admin processes, putting all the functionality you need at your fingertips.

2 | Online booking

Parents benefit from a simple online booking process that does away with repeated form-filling and assorted rigmarole. Emergency contact details, medical info and consents can all be captured easily.

Once registered with an account, parents can update their details with important information as and when, thus keeping you in the loop.

3 | Automated invoicing

Instead of manually creating invoices for parents, these can be automatically generated and sent out via email.

Automated reminders for outstanding payments will help keep your accounts up to date and reduce time spent chasing parents.

The ‘Credit Control’ view further lets you keep an eye on who owes what.

4 | Automatic registers

Registers are automatically updated as soon as a booking is placed or when any changes are made.

They can then be viewed online in an instant, or else exported to Excel for later printing or offline use.

You can also do away with paper registers completely, by allowing parents to sign their children in or out via a tablet.

At a glance

  • An intuitive platform that can handle all your club booking and invoicing needs
  • Automated invoicing and overdue payment reminders keep accounts up to date
  • Schools like yours rely on Kids Club HQ to keep on top of the admin for their clubs

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