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4 reasons to try… SMARTcurriculum

January 14, 2022, 13:07 GMT+1
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4 reasons to try… SMARTcurriculum
  • An online platform for school leaders to review, analyse and model curriculum and staffing against finances, ensuring provision is efficient, effective and ethical...
4 reasons to try… SMARTcurriculum

1 | Save money

On average, primary schools identify potential savings of £80k – which can be invested where needs are highest in your context.

Schools turn around deficit budgets – or maintain their positive position – and build reserves. SMARTcurriculum enables the agility to respond to unexpected need, such as the pandemic.

2 | Balance staffing

Analyse staffing to ensure teaching and support practices are optimised. Rather than ‘that’s how it has always been done’ or ‘what a neighbouring school does’, look afresh, with data-rich understanding, at your staffing structure to ensure investment is focused on your context and needs.

3 | Manage roll and class size

Become more agile in responding to a fluctuating roll year-on-year. Be pre-emptive in planning for the strategic impact of birth-rate changes. Analyse and understand the benefits and costs of reducing class sizes. Model the feasibility of smaller classes without reducing the overall roll.

4 | Invest in your teachers and support staff

With SMARTcurriculum you can review and model contact ratio. PPA, school and subject leadership time are all fully costed and understood by leadership and governors, ensuring non-contact time is fairly distributed and reduces the burden on staff.

At a glance

  • School leaders can easily articulate curriculum and staffing spending decisions because SMARTcurriculum aligns investment with need
  • SMARTcurriculum represents the significant structural decisions of school design in simple graphic dashboards
  • Empowers governors, giving strategic understanding of the financial impacts of staffing and curriculum model decisions

Find more detail at or get in touch on or 020 3701 2854.

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